Featured Families

This year, MWFOF is proud to feature the following family members who will share their personal and family experiences in order to frame conversations around issues which are important to each of us.

Family Relations Plenary

You and Your Family

Featured families include the Scott and Laird Norton Families.  Based in Wyoming and Montana, the Scott Family is a 6th Generation family enterprise composed of family businesses including, but not limited to, the First Interstate Bank, a Family Office, and Family Council. The Laird Norton Family is a 160 year-old family business based in Seattle Washington. In a moderated interview with questions and discussion with the group, Randy Scott, a Family Leader, and Langdon Evans, a rising generation family member and relationship manager for Trusted Family, will share some of their experiences with participant families and discuss what has worked and what has not. 

Family Wealth Plenary

The Money


Striking a balance between asset management and stewardship, while adding value of ownership, Lucy Welder Beshara and Jenny Welder Lamsens, 4th and 5th generation members of J. F. Welder Heirs, Ltd., a family ranching enterprise in South Texas, will discuss the challenges faced with the addition of each new generation and possible solutions.  Both have chaired JFWH Family Council.  Lucy recently resigned from the JFWH Board of Managers where she served as chair of the Finance Committee, and Jenny is a current member of the Board of Managers and is chair of the Strategic Planning Committee. Lucy remains of the JFWH Investment Board where she has served for the last eight years.  

Family Legacy Plenary

The Family Legacy Now and in the Future


How does a family create the culture and stewardship that allows it to continue to have positive impact on the community and the family in the future; Be it staying in business as a strong corporate citizen or impactful family philanthropic endeavor that betters the world? The Panel and group will discuss how this can be accomplished and share what has worked, what has not and what can be learned.

Blue Sky Utah Plenary

Our Journey:  The Phillips Family

Two generations of the Phillips Family--owners of Blue Sky Utah--will welcome us and engage in a discussion about their experience working together to build a family business and legacy.

Closing Keynote Plenary 

Answering the Call:

Aligining your Passions, Gifts and Resources for a Better Future

In this inspiring and experiential session, Zander Grashow shares the tools and practices to Answer the Call to do more for what we care most about. Through a mix of stories, ideas, and applied tools, participants will learn ways to evolve who they are, their relationships and their work in the world.