MWFOF is an intimate, confidential, no-pitch, peer event where families share their approaches and solutions to the range of issues they face as they seek to align their assets, actions, and values. Designed to maximize authenticity, conversation, and connectivity, the Forum creates a safe space where families and their closest advisors can learn from their collective experience. 

Former participants make it clear that the Forum provides value to essentially “anyone seeking help with dealing with family,” including:

•      “the next generation of my family”

•      “whole wealthy families and their family office staff”

•      “family offices in transition (starting, generational, etc.)”

•      “key stakeholders in the family business”

•      “friends with wealth creation / liquidity event”




And Why Is It Effective?

Participants cite an equally diverse set of reasons why the Forum works so well for so many.

•     “friendly, welcoming, authentic attendees”

•     “it is not an economic driven event—it is about family growth and development along with interaction of

          other families in different stages”

•     “exposure to ‘down the road’ action items helps us get above the everyday trees to give  an overview of why

           we are doing this”

•       hearing other families’ stories “helps us connect the dots” and “triggers conversations among my family


•     “helps [my husband] understand the family he married into and how we may approach raising our kids”

•     “create a tradition or opportunity” for family members to spend time being and learning together”

•     “welcomes, includes, and is relevant to both newcomers and seasoned professionals, the rising generation

           and the patriarchs/matriarchs.”



The Mountain West Family Office Forum (MWFOF) was founded by Scott Mathewson, with the help of Brian Hughes, in 2015, when Scott sensed a need for a gathering of families of wealth in the Mountain West region. The purpose of MWFOF is to allow families and their close advisors to gather in a safe place, and learn from, and help each other.  MWFOF has grown since its first year, and, as we prepare for the 3rd year of this event, the MWFOF Organizers have built a conference that is like no other that we are aware of; the conference is funded primarily by the participants, and the topics and panelists chosen are driven by the families who attend on topics that are important to them.

MWFOF is open to families from anywhere, but is held in beautiful Park City, Utah each Fall.  Over the  years, MWFOF has had participants from 90 families from 18 states, two countries and the District of Columbia.